Our landscapes that we want to conserve for the future

In our hometown of Doi-cho, located in Shikokuchuo City, Ehime Prefecture, there is a landscape of Japan that is being lost to modern times.

A primeval forest of Akaishi Goyomatsu that have grown wild since ancient times on the Akaishi Mountain range facing the Seto Inland Sea.
It is also designated as a natural monument by Ehime Prefecture.

Akaishi Goyomatsu have watched over Japan and the region for a thousand years.
We want to preserve them for the future.

What we, bonsai craftsmen, can do

We have been making Akaishi Goyomatsu bonsai for generations in this area
Bonsai is the expression of natural scenery in a small container.

I will continue to create the natural scene of the Akaishi Mountains through my Goyomatsu bonsai.

Don't let the Japanese landscape be lost
As a bonsai craftsman
We want to keep protecting what's important to us.

That is the mission of bonsai, our job.